The Israelis captured Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, during the 6-Day War of June 1967. According to an interview published in an Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, on 31 December 1997, after both participants were dead, the following conversation took place:

Major General Shlomo Goren, rabbi of the Israel Defence Force, stood next to Central Command Head General Uzi Narkis overlooking the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which sits on top of the old Jewish Temple, and quietly said to him: “Uzi, this is the moment to put 100kg of dynamite into the Dome of the Rock, and that will be it. Once and for all we will be rid of it.” Narkiss replied: “Rabbi, Stop.” Goren persisted: “You will enter the pages of history for such an act. You don’t grasp the very important implications for such an action. This is an opportunity which it’s possible to exploit right now. Tomorrow, it won’t be possible to do anything.” Narkis replied: “I’ve already recorded my name in the pages of the history of Jerusalem.” Goren then walked away without a word.